It's finally here!
With this post I'm going to start reopening my blog once again. I feel so happy again doing something I love. Next week you can expect two more outfit posts. You will see some changes in my style, but don't worry, I just like to change it up from time to time. Below you can see the first photo from my outfit. It's my favourite photo. 

Napokon je ovdje!
Sa ovim postom ću ponovo otvoriti blog. Tako sam sretna raditi ponovo nešto što volim. Sljedeće sedmice možete očekivati još dva posta sa outfit-om. Primjetiti ćete moju promjenu u stilu, ali ne brinite, te promjene činim s vremena na vrijeme. Ispod možete vidjeti moju prvu sliku od ovog outfit posta. Najomiljenija mi je. 

Knee Lenght Dresses

How are you?
I know that I started to be boring because of this all wishlist posts, but there is a reason for it. I want to introduce you many new but also old online shops that I used to work with. After that I'm going to have many posts with outfits. One post is ready to be published, but you have to wait just a little bit for it. I hope you can do that.

Todays post is about a new online shop, They wanted me to write a post about knee lenght dresses that I gladly accepted, because I'm a big fan of those dresses. They are so beautiful and they make the girls with bigger hipps and smaller waist, look very sexy. There are knee lenght dresses with different shapes for all body shapes. I just said one which I preffer. You can find at every shape you want. has more than dresses. Just  visit their website and see for yourself. I hope I can bring you more posts about You have some examples for the knee lenght dresses below. I picked the ones I like.



Dresslily's sweater dresses

Hello my dear friends.
Fall came to our doors, are you ready for it? If not, than I have great deals for you. When you think about cold weather, the first thing you have in your head is to wear a warm sweater. Sweaters are really comfy and makes your body warm, but they are also an great fashion item. Now we have a realy comfy and cool trend named sweater dresses. I read somewhere that boys also like those sweaterdresses on girls, it makes them cute, but in some point sexy too. Dresslily has really great ones for you. In every color, shape and print for you. Of course you can wear the sweater dresses when winter comes. They look great with a coat and with beautiful boots. I have some sweater dresses for you from Dresslily. If you want to see some more CLICK HERE.

New specials for the fall season

Don’t you think the weather is turning a little bit cold? Your summer clothes couldn’t maintain body temperature anymore. That is to say, It’s time to prepare your new outfit for Autumn/Winter.

Talking about looking good in the fall season. What could be better than a sweatshirt/sweater? We prepared and proudly represent you the 2017 fall season collection! No matter you’re a lover of cardigan styled , tunics or lace-up sweaters. We have them all included. Here are some of the most recommends.