Happy Women's day

Happy Women's day!
Today is the 8th of March and it's time that we,girls, get more atention. Women's day is not about getting gifts from boyfriends or friends and celebrating being borna a girl. It's more about supporting each other. As you were thought in school on the subject history, we women, had a rought journey to have all the rights today to decide what we want to do. We made that right by ourselfs, by supporting each other, if it was up to men in the world, we would be slaves to bare children like in the past. Everyday can be womens day for us because when women support each other, incredible things happen. Because today is our special day, we need to be beautiful and go out and have fun. I found a really great cheap online shop that sells amazing dresses. The shop is JJs House. The dresses are really incredible and I love the evening dresses. They are just perfect for tonights parties. Because it's our day, take your credit card or your dad's or boyfriend's card and buy yourself a beautiful evening dress, because you deserved it. I love especially the sexy ones. They have the sexiness in it but also the elegance. I picked my six favourite evening dresses for you and added them in the post. You can see them below. For every special event, they got the perfect dress for every girl, because they have over 1200 types of dresses. I choosed elegant dresses without any exaggerated details, because they are my favourites. If you love more details, I found many great and fabulous dresses which you can find on their website.  It would be really nice if you could visit their website and pick your favourite dress and tell me why is that dress your favourite one. I can't wait to see your comments and dresses.